Bufero van het Panishof

BWP - 1m71 - Brown - 11/03/2001

Bufero is a son of Parco who has jumped an impressive palmares with Ludo Philippaerts.
Father of the mother Polidiktus v/d Helle, ridden by Stany van Paeschen,had everything to
become a succesfull international sport horse but died unfortunately on a young age.

His mother the elite mare, Uforie de Polidiktus, achieved by John Panis the following results :
- National indoor champion 2004
- Provincial indoor champion 2004
- Provincial champion 2004 LRV
- Two times 1st cycle 6-yearly in 2004
- 2nd cycle 6-yearly in 2004

His grand mother jumped succesfully 1m40.